Evernote連携 貼付けテストぉ

One fall morning I went to Sherlock Homes' rooms on Baker Street.

He had a visitor. 
A very fat old man with bright red hair and a red face.
  "Come in, Watson," Holmes said.
    「ワトソン君、はいりたまえ。」 ホームズが言った
Then he said to the red-headed man, "Doctor Watson is a very good friend.  He has helped me a lot.  Watson, this is Mr. Jabez Wilson."
  Mr. Wilson and I said  hello to each other.
  Then Holmes said, "Mr. Wilson, please begin your story again for Doctor Watson."
 Mr. Wilson took a dirty old newspaper out of his his pocket.
He was looking for an ad in it.
I was watching him.
Holmes was watching me.
  "You're trying to be a detective, Watson!" Then  he laughed.
     「ワトソン、探偵をしてみるかい!」 そして彼は笑った
"I know all about Mr. Wilson. He was once working man. He has been to China.   And recently he writes a lot."